Paramount Company Introduces Ethiopia’s Finest Coffee to Canada


It’s well-known within coffee tasting circles that Ethiopian coffee is one of the best, if not the best coffee on the planet. But in a world ruled by corporate coffee interests, taste and authenticity take a backseat in favour of mass-production and watered-down flavours.

On September 23rd, 2020, Paramount Sales & Marketing successfully launched its upscale Specialty Grade 1 coffee brand, Paramount Original Coffee.

The mission at hand? To restore coffee to its former glory by providing the highest-rated coffee in the world at the best prices.

“Paramount Original Coffee showcases what real, authentic and world-class coffee should taste like. We’re making Specialty Grade 1 coffee as accessible as possible to everyone. It’s about elevating the tastes as well as the perceptions around the world’s most consumed beverage, coffee.” said Mars, CEO of Paramount Original Coffee.

Unlike coffee beans from Colombia, Brazil or Mexico, Paramount’s Ethiopian coffee beans grow at high elevations that exceed 6000 feet. While these high-altitude coffee beans take longer to mature, the additional time also results in exquisite flavours of blueberry, apple and chocolate - flavours that just aren’t present in mainstream coffees.


All 6 of Paramount Original Coffee flavours can be purchased online through many vendors, including, eBay and also directly from its website: The company has also announced coffee delivery services for offices and wholesale and white label options for retailers.

The company hosted the official coffee launch on the 23rd of September 2020 at 1 Dundas Street West. The event was graced by some of the most eminent members from the Ethiopian Embassy, H.E Nasise Challi and the Ethiopian airlines, Samson Arega. The event also saw some of Toronto's most known bloggers, social media influencers and coffee roasters. The coffee is now available in the market for purchase.

For more information, call: 1(800)-545-8619

About Us : Paramount Original Coffee Company is a Toronto-based coffee company that imports specialty Grade 1 Ethiopian coffee from single-origin farms and plantations. For more information, please visit


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